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Parking Changes 

The Parking Services office is closed to walk-in customers.  Please email with questions. 

Where can I park right now?

Summer parking rules are in effect through August 9, 2020. A valid permit is required to park a vehicle on campus.  See the Rules and Regulations - Section III.C.4

  • Vehicles displaying a license plate registered to a valid Texas State virtual permit or a physical permit of any type obtained from Parking Services may park in any parking zone except:
    •  Red Zones,
    • Silver (Bobcat Village) zones.
  • Vehicles with a valid Texas State permit of any type may park in the LBJ Student Center Garage and the Edward Gary Garage, free of charge. 
    • Vehicles without permits may not park in the garages at this time.

Accessible Parking 

Only persons displaying a state-issued disabled person license plate or hanging tag may use the designated accessible parking spaces.  Vehicles must also display a valid Texas State permit in addition to the disabled person plate or hanging tag.  If all the accessible spaces are full, any legal non-reserved space may be used. 


The permit refund deadline has passed.

During these difficult times, Parking Services made an exception to the refund policy and implemented a COVID-19 Hardship qualifying event to allow students to receive a prorated refund for their parking permits. Students who no longer needed to access campus were able to apply for a prorated refund for their parking permits.
The form must have been received by Parking Services by 5:00 pm, April 24, 2020, as explained in the “Prorated Parking Permit Refunds Available to Students Upon Request “ email sent on April 10, 2020. Unfortunately, this deadline has passed, and your refund will not be able to be processed.
If you have another qualifying event, as outlined in UPPS 05.07.02, please resubmit the refund form within 30 days following the qualifying event.
Your parking permit will not be deactivated and may still be used on campus as described below until it expires on August 9, 2020.

How soon will I get my COVID-19 Hardship refund?

Credit balances were processed as of April 30, 2020.

Why didn't I receive my COVID-19 Hardship refund or why was it less than I expected?

Refunds will first be applied to any outstanding parking citation fines or fees associated with the student’s account and then to any outstanding balance the student may have with the University’s Student Business Services office before being returned to the student.  Parking Services will notify students by email if their refund was applied in part of in whole as a result of outstanding parking citation fines.
Students may view their student account at, select student payment portal and e-refunds, and login to view account activity.  Parking refunds will credit toward outstanding charges.  Credit balances will be processed no later than April 30th.  If you have any questions related to your student account, you may email  If you have any questions regarding the parking credit on your account, contact

Can I still use my permit if I apply for a COVID-19 Hardship refund?

No.  Permits will become invalid from the date of the request.

What if I plan to be on campus for Summer I?

If you plan to park on campus before summer II you must email to purchase a temporary permit(s) that will be valid until summer II begins.  

What if I plan to be on campus for Summer II?

If you plan to return to campus after July 2, 2020, you will need to contact Parking Services to reactivate your parking permit. Please monitor your Texas State official email and the university and Parking Services website regularly for updates on this process. 
If you reactivate July 2, or purchase a permit after July 2 for summer II, it will only be good for summer.  For those returning in fall, you will need to purchase new permits.

What if I am graduating in May (or have another qualifying event)?

Please complete and submit another refund form within 30 days following your qualifying event for any additional prorated refund.

I have a gate card; do I need to return it?

Yes.   If you are still on campus, you may drop the card in the Parking Services office drop box in the Matthews Street Garage third (entry) level, by the elevators.

If you have already left campus, please mail your card to Parking Services at:

Parking Services
Texas State University
601 University Drive
San Marcos, TX 78666

Please note that Parking Services will not be responsible for cards lost in the mail; consider using mail services that provide a delivery receipt or tracking.
If Parking Services does not receive the card issued to you, a $10 Lost Gate Card Fee will be assessed.