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Construction Contractors

UPPS 05.07.02 § 13.01

"Parking inside fenced staging or construction areas will be limited. The staging areas are not intended to be parking areas."

Contractor Permit Rules

Texas State University students may not ever use contractor permits.

Permit purchases, changes, and updates will only be accepted from the contact person of record for the company.

Permit Duration:

Yearly Permits

  • Valid from purchase date thru August 9, 2020.
  • Transferable only between vehicles the permit is assigned to. Permits are assigned to only the vehicles that are listed in the permit request packet.
  • A maximum of three vehicles may be assigned to a permit.
  • Each vehicle may only be assigned to 1 permit.
  • If an assigned license plate leaves the company, it is the company’s responsibility to notify parking services so it can be removed from their account.  A new vehicle can be added to existing permits only if it is replacing a vehicle that is being removed from that permit, unless the current permit has less than three license plate's assigned to it. 

Weekly Permits

  • Must list a start date.
  • Maximum of 6 weeks, per request.
  • Only valid on the vehicle they are issued to.
  • Non-transferable.

Permit Options:

Red Zone Permits

  • Job superintendents and limited essential personnel.
  • Maximum 5 permits per project.

P10 West/Round Rock

  • General contractors and workers.
  • San Marcos - Only valid in the P10 West parking lot.
  • Round Rock - Only valid in the purple parking zones at the Round Rock Higher Education Center.

Permit Display:

  • The license plate associated with the permit must be accurate and visible.
  • Permits MUST be displayed at all times, in all vehicles to legally park on campus.
  • Permits must be hung from the rear-view mirror with decal number facing toward the front windshield.
  • Vehicles illegally parked on campus or those that do not have a visible permit are subject to ticketing, immobilization (booting), and towing at the vehicle owners' expense.


  • The Company or Business is solely responsible for all citations.
  • All Citations MUST be paid before any permits will be processed.
  • Any person or company that has parked a vehicle(s) on University property which has (have) been issued five (5) or more tickets in a 12-month period will be considered a Chronic Offender of the university's parking rules. For the sixth (6th) and all subsequent violations, the ticket fee will be $150 and the vehicle is subject to impound.

A permit request form must be filled out every time permits are requested. Incomplete forms will be returned for completion.

By completing the form, contractors acknowledge and agree to abide by all Texas State University Parking Rules and Regulations, and the Contractor Rules.