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Carpool Application

Carpool Parking Permit Request

Carpool permits are still physical permits.  You will need to pick up your physical Carpool Permit before you may park in a carpool parking space.

Please read the following information closely before submitting your request

  • Carpooling Groups of two or more people may request a Carpool Permit.   There is no cost for a carpool permit.
  • Each vehicle in the Carpool must be registered with Parking Services and display both a Carpool Permit and a valid Texas State University Permit decal.
  • Each member of a carpool must be registered on a carpool application form, found below. 
  • Carpool spaces may be used by vehicles displaying a valid Carpool Permit from 7 a.m. until 3 p.m. Monday through Friday.
  • Maximum of two carpool permits will be issued per Carpool Group.   The permit may be laminated to help preserve it from wear and tear.  Only one of the two carpool permits can be used at a time. If two vehicles from the same carpool are on campus displaying both permits, the vehicles may be ticketed and the carpool passes confiscated.  
  • Changes in carpool memberships should be reported to Parking Services immediately.
  • If a Carpool permit is lost or stolen, it must be reported immediately to Parking services.  The permit will be placed on a "Scofflaw" list and any vehicle displaying a lost or stolen permit Carpool permit will be towed.
  • Carpool permits will not be issued for use on vehicles with outstanding tickets.
  • Carpool permits are valid for one semester only, and must be reapplied for each semester.

To apply for a Carpool permit you must:

  1. Purchase a perimeter parking permit for each vehicle in the carpool.
  2. Pay any outstanding tickets assigned to any carpool member.
  3. Complete the form below for all Carpool members.

Once submitted and all obligations met, the Carpool permit may be picked up at Parking Services within 48 hours.

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Primary Carpool Member

Member 2

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Member 3

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Member 4

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I understand that I will need to wait until I pick up a physical carpool permit to park in a carpool parking space. *