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Red Restricted Permits

"The Red Permit"

Red Restricted Permits are available to:

  1. All Texas State faculty members;
  2. Graduate and doctoral teaching assistants who are “teacher of record” for an organized class;
  3. Permanent and temporary Texas State staff;
  4. Grant and externally funded faculty and staff;
  5. Per course and extension faculty only may purchase a semester permit;
  6. Food service employees (excluding Texas State students);
  7. Texas State retirees; and
  8. The SG president and vice president and others as approved by TSAC.

All faculty, staff, and students are required to register with Parking Services any vehicle they drive and park on campus and purchase the appropriate color parking permit. Parking rules are enforced every day of the year. Please read our full Rules and Regulations for all the details.

How much does it cost?

The Red Restricted Permit costs $335 and is valid for the full year. Full-time faculty/staff with an annual salary of $25,000 or less are eligible for a reduced permit fee on Red/ Restricted Permits.

Where can I park?

The Red Restricted Permit allows parking in the Red/Restricted areas and in most Green Residence Hall and Purple Perimeter and Commuter areas, with the exception of the Green Residence Hall spaces located in the Edward Gary Street Garage.

At no time may vehicles without a Silver Bobcat Village Apartment Permit be parked inside the Bobcat Village lot.