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The purpose of the University’s parking resources is to provide students, faculty, and staff safe and efficient access to university facilities. Parking areas on central campus are dedicated for use by faculty, staff and on-campus residents. Commuter parking is located on the perimeter of the campus. The university’s shuttle bus system provides transportation service from these lots to central campus. The Texas Education Code gives Texas State the authority to regulate parking on campus, and the Transportation Services Advisory Council (TSAC) reviews the parking rules and regulations on a regular basis. The Parking Services (PS) division of the Transportation Services Office has the authority to enforce these rules. Suggestions to improve the parking rules or policies can be made in writing to the TSAC c/o the Parking Services Office. Parking Services is open Monday-Friday during normal University business hours. The office is located in the Matthews Street Parking Garage at 202 Student Center Drive. Parking Services may be contacted at 245-2887.  Changes to the Parking Rules and Regulations, ticket history, and online vehicle registration and ticket payment links can be found on the web at www.parking.txstate.edu.

Every student, faculty, staff, or frequent user of a university facility must:

• Register the vehicle with Parking Services and purchase a permit.
• Properly display the permit anytime the vehicle is parked on campus.
• Become familiar with the Traffic and Parking Regulations.

The regulations are enforced at all times. The purchase of a permit and registration of your vehicle does not guarantee a parking space, and the lack of space never justifies parking illegally.


1. “Boot” is a mechanical device which can be attached to the wheel to immobilize the vehicle.
2. “Impound” includes the towing and storage of a vehicle.
3. “Marked Space” is one designated for parking by two parallel lines.
4. “No Parking Zones” include yellow curbs, fire lanes, bus lanes, construction zones, and areas not specifically marked for parking.
5. “Official University Guests” are those who are invited by an institutional representative to perform a service or conduct business on the Texas State campus.
6. “Reserved Parking Space/Area” is identified by signs or pavement markings.
7. “Restricted Parking” include areas for use by holders of Red parking permits.
8. “Service/Delivery” permits are those vehicles operated and parked by persons or businesses performing job duties throughout campus.
9. “Visitors” are persons other than Texas State degree-seeking and continuing education students, faculty, staff, or frequent users of any university facility, who are temporarily on campus for any reason.


A. Registration of Vehicles

1. The on-line vehicle registration process can be accessed through the Parking Services website (www.parking.txstate.edu) or via Catsweb. Everyone is encouraged to register on-line and well in advance of bringing a vehicle to campus. Permits will only be mailed if the vehicle registration process is completed on-line.
All parking fines must be paid before you can:
• Purchase or exchange a permit.
• Obtain a temporary permit.
• Register for classes.
• Obtain transcripts.
• Obtain Diplomas

You may not allow someone else to use your permit or gate access card. If you do, both persons could lose their parking privileges for one year.
2. Cost of a yearly Red/Restricted Permit ...............................................$335
Reserved Red/Restricted.......................................................................$825
Residence Hall/Comanche Hills, Campus Colony........................................$485
Bobcat Village, Riverside Apartments.......................................................$265
Perimeter Permit....................................................................................$115
Full-time faculty/staff with an annual salary of $25,000 or less are eligible for a reduced permit fee on Red/ Restricted Permits.
Faculty and staff who are eligible for an annual Red-Restricted Permit may register only one passenger vehicle but are entitled to one motorcycle permit (MC) for a MC also registered in their name at no additional charge. On-campus residents, faculty and staff may purchase only one permit. Commuters may purchase more than one Perimeter Permit, and each vehicle must be registered with Parking Services.
3. If an employee or on-campus resident leaves or withdraws from the University, the permit and gate access card must be returned to PS as part of the check-out procedure. Permits and access cards cannot be passed to another person. Prorated refunds are available only on permits returned during the same semester the permit was issued.
4. A replacement permit can be obtained for $2.00 if:
• The old permit is returned to PS, in an identifiable form
• A statement from an insurance company verifies a total loss of the vehicle, or replacement of the windshield.
5. If your permit is lost, stolen, or was left on another vehicle you no longer use, a replacement permit may be obtained for $10 with proper documentation. Always report a lost or stolen permit to PS as soon as possible. If you file a false lost or stolen permit report, you may lose your parking privileges for a year. Anyone found displaying a lost, stolen, or forged permit could lose their parking privileges for one
calendar year.
6. Disabled Veterans with a service-related disability are exempt from paying parking permit fees, but must always register their vehicle with Parking Services and obtain and properly display a Texas State permit.
7. The dependent child or ward of a current faculty or staff member may park the registered vehicle of the faculty/staff member only in Red Restricted spaces. Contact PS for more information.

B. Types of Standard/Yearly Permits

1. Restricted Faculty/Staff Permits (Red) are available to: 1) all Texas State faculty members; 2) graduate teaching assistants who are reported as the “teacher of record” for an organized class; 3) permanent and temporary Texas State staff persons employed at least 50%; 4) per course faculty and staff persons whose employment is funded by grants or other outside sources (for temporary faculty and staff, permits may only be issued valid through the ending date of the appointment); 5) food service employees (excluding Texas State students); 6) Texas State retirees; and 7) the ASG president and vice president and others as approved by TSAC.
2. Reserved Red-Restricted Faculty/Staff Permits are available to faculty/staff persons otherwise eligible for a Red Restricted Faculty/Staff permit. Reserved Spaces are limited. Contact Parking Services for more information on Reserved Spaces.
3. Residence Hall Permits (Green) are available to Hall Residents. Residence Hall Permits allow parking in the Green Hall Resident Lots and Perimeter/All-Zone Lots at any time. Residents of Sterry, Butler, and Lantana Halls, ONLY, may also park in the Green Residence Hall spaces located on the top levels of the Edward Gary Garage, as indicated by signage. See Section III.E. for other parking locations and times. There is no guarantee of a space adjacent to one’s residence hall, and there may be times when a Perimeter All-Zone Lot) is the nearest option. Evening safety escort services are available from these lots.
4. Apartment Resident Permits (Silver) are available to students and their family members living in University-owned apartments.
5. Perimeter Permits (Purple) are available to: 1) commuting students, and all Texas State Residence Hall and Apartment Residents; 2) any Texas State faculty or staff person; 3) commuting graduate assistants and teaching assistants employed by a Texas State department; 4) community members who use university facilities such as the Alkek Library and Campus Recreation Center; or 5) persons who park on campus for any reason on a regular basis or for an extended period of time. Any Faculty or Staff person who has purchased a parking permit may use the Bobcat Shuttle Bus System.

C. Types of Temporary Permits

1. Visitor/Guests - Visitors to the Admissions Office, Alumni House, and River House must obtain a Visitor/Guest permit from the respective office. The permit allows parking in the designated reserved visitor spaces. Visitors to the LBJ Visitor Center must park in the LBJ Garage. Hosts of official university guests and/or sponsors of official university events must contact PS in advance to obtain guest permits or make parking arrangements. Parents may obtain a visitors pass from a Parking Services booth, PS, or the University Police Department (UPD) dispatch office after 5 p.m. and on weekends. Students, faculty, and staff
may never display a Visitor/Guest permit.
Note: From 5 p.m. Fridays through 7 p.m. Sundays, Parking Services does not enforce “No Permit” violations on Visitor/Guest vehicles. Students, faculty and staff must always display a Texas State permit.
2. One-Day Temporary – These permits are valid until 9 a.m. the next business day and are for use by persons who bring a vehicle to campus other than the one(s) already registered at PS. This permit is not to be requested or used on a regular basis in order to avoid the purchase of a permanent Texas State Permit. One-Day Temporary permits may be obtained from PS, any Parking Services booth, or the UPD dispatch office after 5 p.m. and on weekends.
3. Loading Zone* - Valid for 20 minutes while parked in designated loading zone areas for the purpose of loading or unloading heavy or bulky items. Once the items are unloaded, the vehicle should be promptly moved to allow others access to the area.
4. 30-Minute* - For use by persons who must conduct short-term business at JCK. The time-stamped permit must be obtained at the JCK Parking Services booth and exempts the vehicle from color zone restrictions for 30 minutes. The time is strictly enforced and the permit should not be obtained unless the business can be conducted in less than 30 minutes. A 30-minute permit does not allow the use of reserved spaces.
5. Service/Delivery* - For those persons required to perform job duties throughout campus. The S/D permit is valid for two hours in signed S/D spaces, 20 minutes in signed loading zones, and exempts the vehicle from color zone restrictions. S/D permits do not allow parking in reserved, handicap or visitor spaces, on yellow lines or curbs, areas not marked for parking, or in fire/emergency zones. Using the S/D permit for any reason other than its intended purpose could result in having the vehicle impounded and the permit confiscated. University departments may request one yearly S/D permit, unless otherwise approved by the TSAC. Information about yearly S/D permits is available at PS.
* Texas State students, faculty, and staff must also display a valid Texas State standard/yearly permit with loading zone, 30-minute, and Service/Delivery permits.
6. Vendor/Contractor Permits - Vendors/Contractors not eligible for S/D permits, with the approval of PS, may be eligible to purchase a Vendor/Contractor permit.
7. Carpool - Available during the fall and spring semesters. A carpool consists of a group of at least two persons, with a priority given to those coming from outside the San Marcos area . Visit the Parking Services
website at www.parking.txstate.edu for information on the carpooling and carpool matching programs.
8. Temporarily Mobility Impaired- Persons with a temporary mobility impairment can obtain a Temporary Mobility Impaired permit with written notification from the Student Health Center or a personal doctor. The expected period of time must be included and cannot exceed 60 days. Vehicles displaying this permit are exempt from the color zone classifications. This permit does not authorize the use of Disabled Parking spaces, Visitor, Service/Delivery, or any other reserved parking space.
9. Weekly Temporary – May be purchased for up to six weeks at $6/week for Perimeter, $8/week for Restricted, Riverside, and Bobcat Village, and $15/week for Hall and Apartment Resident permits. If an annual permit has already been purchased for another vehicle, a temporary permit may be purchased for $2 per week for up to three weeks per year for use on a different vehicle.
10. Inoperable Vehicles - Immediately report inoperable vehicles to PS or UPD. Vehicles may be tagged to avoid ticketing or towing.

D. Display of Permits

Hanging tags may be used with Red-Restricted, Red-Restricted Reserved, and Purple Perimeter permits. All others must use the self-adhering decal. Hanging permits must be hung from the rear view mirror and be easily seen below the window tint with the numbers facing forward. If the position of the rear view mirror or the length of tint makes this difficult, inform PS so they can provide an extended length hanging tag. Self-adhering permits must be completely affixed as described on the peel tab of the decal and placed entirely below any window tint. They cannot be taped, glued, laminated or affixed in any other manner, nor transferred to any other vehicle.

E. Parking Area Classifications

All lots and streets where parking is permitted are color coded by zone. These color zones are indicated on the parking map, and color-coded signs are posted in areas corresponding to the map. Generally, between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday you must park in the same color zone as your permit. Vehicles displaying a Red/Restricted Permit may also park in Green (Residence Hall) or Purple (Perimeter/All-Zone) areas, with the exception of the Green Residence Hall spaces located in the Edward Gary
Perimeter/All-Zone areas can be used at any time by vehicles displaying a valid Texas State permit of any color.
Lot P-12 (President’s Lot) is the only parking location dedicated only for vehicles displaying a Purple Perimeter Permit from 7 a.m. until 3 p.m. Monday-Friday. After 3 p.m. Monday-Friday the lot is open to vehicles displaying a valid Texas State permit of any color. There is no overnight parking (midnight to 7 a.m.) or weekend parking allowed in this lot,. The lot will be occasionally reserved for Presidential functions.
Residence Hall (Green) areas are reserved from 7 a.m. until 5 p.m. Monday-Friday for residents who have been issued a Residence Hall Permit. After 5 p.m. and on weekends these areas are open to vehicles displaying a valid Texas State Permit of any color, with the exception of Residence Hall spaces located in the Edward Gary Garage.
Silver (Apartment Resident) parking areas are reserved 24/7 for those residents.
Red/Restricted areas are reserved from 7 a.m. until 5 p.m. M-F with the following exceptions: 1) R-4 (Alkek Garage) is reserved until 6 p.m.; 2) the second level of R-5 (Pleasant Street Garage) is reserved until 6 p.m.; 3) lot R-14 (Jowers) is reserved until 3 p.m. After these hours and on weekends, all parking areas are open to vehicles displaying a valid Texas State permit of any color.
Several spaces on campus are for restricted use only 24 hours a day and are appropriately signed.
Reserved Red/Restricted Faculty/Staff spaces are reserved 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday-Friday.
Parking is not permitted in the President’s Lot from midnight to 7 a.m. Monday-Friday or on weekends.
Spaces with signs, barricades, curb or pavement markings indicate a reserved space or area. Visitor spaces are always off limits to student, faculty and staff.
• Carpool spaces can be used by all permit holders after 3:00 p.m.

F. Gate Access Cards

One gate access card is available only to eligible faculty and staff upon request. There is a $10 replacement fee for lost or damaged cards. You may not allow anyone else to use your gate access card.

G. Motorcycles

All motorcycles spaces are considered “All-Zone” unless otherwise designated with a sign or pavement marking. Note: Motorcycles may not park in car spaces, and four-wheeled vehicles may not park in MC spaces.

H. Special Event Parking

There may be times when an additional parking fee is required at special events. Parking at Texas State football games is one example.

I. Summer Term Parking

During summer school sessions, vehicles displaying a valid Texas State permit may park in Green Residence Hall zones.

J. “Between” Term Parking

During the time between the last scheduled day of finals and the first class day of the next term vehicles displaying a valid Texas State Permit may park in any color zone except lots and streets protected by a traffic control booth or traffic control device or Silver (Apartment) areas.

K. Dead Day (Reading Day)

All regular parking regulations are enforced on “Dead Day."

L. Mobility Impaired

Only persons displaying a state-issued disabled person license plate or hanging tag may use the designated disabled parking spaces. All students, faculty, and staff must also display a valid Texas State permit in addition to the disabled person plate or hanging tag. If all the disabled spaces are full, any legal space may be used with the exception of reserved spaces such as visitor, hall director, and service/delivery spaces.

M. Student Health Center Parking (SHC)

The SHC parking lot is for use by patients of the facility only. If a vehicle is parked in the lot and the driver is not in the SHC, the vehicle will be towed.

N. LBJ Student Center Garage and Edward Gary Street Garage

There is a fee to park in these garages at all times. Residents of Sterry, Butler, and Lantana Halls ONLY who have purchased and display a Residence Hall parking permit may park in the signed Green Residence Hall spaces located on the upper levels of the Edward Gary Garage. Texas State permits are not required in the LBJSC Garage or the “pay-per hour” sections of the Edward Gary Street Garage. Sponsors of events held near these garages should direct attendees to use the garage. Anyone interested in more information about the garage may visit the business office in the LBJSC, room 2-6.1 or call 512-245-7994

O. Bobcat Village Visitors Spaces

Students, faculty and staff may NOT use the visitors’ spaces at Bobcat Village.

P. Round Rock Higher Education Center

All Texas State parking rules and regulations apply to the Round Rock campus. Students, faculty and staff on the Round Rock campus are not considered “visitors” of the Texas State campus, must always display a Texas State Permit, and park according to the Texas State Parking Rules and Regulations.

A. Parking Violations

A. Parking Violations and Fines
1. Parking Out-of-Zone (impound violation) - Parking in a zone not authorized by the color of permit displayed. $40.00
2. Parking in a Loading Zone (impound violation) - Parked in a loading zone without a loading zone permit, or for more than 20 minutes from the time stamped on the LZ permit. $40.00
3. Parked in a No-Parking Zone (impound violation) - Parked:
a. where prohibited by signs, ground markings, or yellow curbs. $40.00
b. where there is no marked space. $40.00
c. on grass, dirt, or any other unimproved ground which is not designated for parking. $40.00
d. in a fire lane, construction area, or bus lane. $40.00
4. Parked in a Reserved Space (impound violation) - Parked illegally in a designated reserved space or area. $40.00
5. Blocking Drive/Sidewalk (impound violation) - Parking in a way which obstructs driveways, sidewalks, crosswalks, streets, or disabled access. $40.00
6. Parallel Parking Opposite the Flow of Traffic, or with the Curbside
Wheels More than 18 Inches from the Curb. $40.00
7. Parked in a Backed-in Position - Parking in an angled space with the back of the vehicle toward the curb or pavement marking. $40.00
8. Failure to Park in a Marked Space - Failure of one vehicle to park in a marked space does not justify others to park illegally. $40.00
9. Double Parked (impound violation) - Parking or stopping a vehicle on the roadway side of a vehicle already parked on the curb of a street or parking lot. $40.00
10. No Parking Permit Displayed (impound violation) - Parked on campus at any time without a valid Texas State parking permit. $40.00
Note: If the operator owns a valid Texas State Permit and was parked in his correct color zone, the violation can be reduced to “Improper Display”.
11. Improper Display of Permit - Having the permit laminated, taped, not completely affixed, or displayed in the wrong manner/location. $10.00
12. Parked in Disabled Space without Displaying a State-Issued Disabled Persons Permit (impound violation). $300.00
13. Displaying a current Texas State Permit which has been Altered or Forged; reported Lost or Stolen; or is being used in a Fraudulent Manner (impound violation and loss of parking privileges for one year) $200.00. Appeals of this enforcement action may be made in writing to the Transportation Services Advisory Council, c/o Parking Services. If a fine is not paid within 10 working days, a $15.00 late fee is assessed.
NOTE: The boot removal fee is $75.00. The base rate for releasing impounded vehicles begins at $70 but may also include storage and additional owner identification fees.

B. Suspension of Parking Privileges and Holds

1. Once Per semester, PS will send ticket notices to persons with unpaid parking fines. Persons with outstanding fines are prohibited from registering for class; obtaining a transcript; obtaining a diploma; and/or purchasing or obtaining a parking permit of any kind. And even if otherwise legally parked, vehicles will be subject to booting or towing.
2. Chronic Offender Policy - Anyone who has parked a vehicle or vehicles on University property which has or have been issued five or more tickets within a continuous 12-month period, regardless of whether the tickets are paid or on appeal, will be considered a Chronic Offender of the University’s parking rules. Chronic Offenders may continue to park legally on campus, however, when a vehicle which has been assigned to a Chronic Offender is found illegally parked, it is subject to: 1) immediate impound and 2) a $150 Chronic Offender fee.

C. University Violation Notices

1. When a violation notice is issued on a vehicle displaying a Texas State Permit, proof that the permit was owned by an individual is prima facie evidence that the owner of the permit received the violation notice and committed the offense. If no permit is displayed, proof that the vehicle was owned by an individual is prima facie evidence that the owner received the violation notice and committed the offense.
2. Unpaid charges for violations are recorded in either the name of the student, faculty, or staff person who:
a. bought the permit displayed, or who had previously bought a permit for that vehicle;
b. has previously paid violations on that vehicle;
c. was identified as the driver or owner of the vehicle; or
d. who has the same last name and/or the home address of the registered owner of the vehicle.

D. Appeals of Parking Tickets, Impounds, Boots and Suspensions

To help assure fairness in the enforcement of parking violations, a two-tiered appeals process was created to hear appeals of violation notices. Level One: You may first ask to speak with a PS Officer about the ticket. The officer may recommend cancellation of the fee, in part or whole, or refer the individual to level two of the appeal process.  Level Two: Any person who is not satisfied with the decision by the PS Officer may have the citation reviewed by a Ticket Appeals Committee consisting of students, faculty, and staff persons. The Committee’s charge is to determine: 1) if the enforcement action was in accordance with the University’s Traffic and Parking Regulations, or 2) if an extreme or extenuating circumstance might warrant dismissal or reduction of the fee. Ticket Appeal verdicts are posted in the Parking Services Office.
To file a Level Two appeal you must:
• Complete the appeal form (available at PS or online)
• Pay the violation charges.
• File the appeal at PS within 10 working days from the time the ticket was issued.
Appeals of a boot removal fee, fees associated with the release of an impounded vehicle, and parking suspensions must be made in writing to the TSAC. Persons will be notified of the findings in writing. The Committee's decisions are final and refunds of fines and fees are sent to the last reported permanent address.


Texas State encourages the safe use of bikes and other forms of alternate transportation to access the campus. When operating a bike on campus, please remember the following:
• Bikes are subject to the same traffic laws and regulations as motorized vehicles, including adherence to traffic signs and signals, traveling with the flow of traffic, and yielding the right-of-way to pedestrians.
• Bikes are prohibited on sidewalks if there is an adjacent roadway, and bikes can never use Disabled Persons ramps.
• Bikes must be secured to bike racks only and those that are not are subject to removal by UPD at the owner’s cost.
• The pedestrian walking mall west to east from the LBJ Student Center to Old Main, and south to Nueces is a “Dismount Zone”. Other Dismount Zones are signed. These are high-use pedestrian pathways and you must always dismount and walk your bike through these zoned areas.


A. The University Police Department is a public service-oriented law enforcement agency responsible for the protection of the Texas State community, visitors, and university property. The department is staffed by state licensed police officers who enforce federal, state and local laws, in addition to university rules and regulations. The UPD is located at LBJ and Bobcat Trail, and is available to address the needs of Texas State on a 24-hour basis.
• The EMERGENCY phone number is 9-1-1
• The non-emergency phone is 512-245-2890
• The lost/found property number is 512-245-8500

Yellow emergency phone boxes (with a blue light above) are located throughout the campus. They provide direct communication to the Police Department.
B. Safety Escort Services are provided during evening hours by the Parking Services and Security Services Offices. Call 245-SAFE for information.
C. Crime Prevention Officers give presentations on personal security, property protection, sexual assault awareness, and operation identification at the start of the spring and fall semesters. Other group presentations can be scheduled by contacting the UPD.

Texas State, a member of the Texas State University System, is an affirmative action, equal opportunity educational institution.  Pulbications will, upon request, be provided in alternative format.


• All students, faculty and staff who operate or park a vehicle anywhere on university property must register the vehicle with Parking Services and purchase a permit.

• Parking areas on central campus are dedicated for use by faculty, staff and on-campus residents. Commuter parking is located on the perimeter of the campus. The university’s shuttle bus system provides transportation service from these lots to central campus.

• Your permit does not guarantee a parking space, and lack of space never justifies parking illegally.

• There are no “After Hours” when the parking rules do not apply. Permits are required 24 hours a day and the rules are enforced at all times.

• Never park where there are yellow curbs, in “No Parking” areas, in spaces marked as reserved for someone else, in areas not specifically marked for parking, and visitor spaces.

• Just because you’ve parked there before without getting a ticket doesn’t mean it is a legal space.

• Displaying “flashers” (hazard lights) doesn’t make the space a legal one.

• Learn the special “between” terms and summer school parking rules.