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Visitors & Guests

Visitors to Campus

There are several visitor parking locations throughout campus, including LBJ Student Center Parking Garage and the Edward Gary Street Parking Garage. There is a fee to park in these garages.

Visitors may use the visitor parking spaces near the Admission Office with a visitor permit obtained from the Admissions Office.

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Parents of Texas State Students are always welcome on campus!

Parents should stop by the Parking Services office, a traffic control booth, or the University Police (after hours) to request a Parent Permit. The permit allows parking in any legal non-reserved space on campus. Reserved spaces are clearly marked and include service spaces.

Guests of the University

Campus hosts may request a Guest Permit for Official Guests of Texas State. The permit allows parking in any legal non-reserved space on campus.

Other parking arrangements may be made by the host through the Parking Services office. Any Texas State faculty, staff, student, or university organization who plans to invite a guest (or guests) to campus in a business or official capacity must contact Parking Services to make arrangements in advance of the visit.

This permit may only be requested by campus departments or offices.

Pay-to-Park Garages

LBJ Student Center Garage

Get Driving Directions

Edward Gary Garage

Get Driving Directions

Contact Us:

LBJ Student Center Garage Office 100A
(512) 245-7994
Office Hours: Mon - Fri 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Common Questions

Hours Cost
 0 min - 1 hr $3.00
1 hr - 2 hrs $6.00
2 hrs - 3 hrs $8.00
3 hrs - 4 hrs $10.00
4 hrs- 5 hrs $12.00
5 hrs- 6 hrs $14.00
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Are the garages open to the public?

Yes, the public may use the garages for any reason. Local businesses may wish to contact the garage manager for information on validating parking in the Edward Gary Street Garage for patrons and customers.

May I leave and come back with the same ticket?

Once you exit the garage, you must pull another ticket at the entrance and the rates start over.

Does my TXST Parking Permit allow me to park in the pay-to-park garages?

Except for a Green Residential E Permit, which allows parking on the top three levels of the Edward Gary Garage, both facilities are pay-to-park even with a permit.

When do I pay?

Please pay before returning to your vehicle and exiting.

How do I pay?

The garages accept bills no larger than $20, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal cards. No checks please.

What do I do if I lose my ticket?

All lost tickets are $14, no exceptions.

Pay-and-Display Stations

Pay-and-Display stations are located throughout campus to allow visitors to purchase parking.

  1. Follow the prompts on the screen
  2. Insert credit card
  3. Take receipt
  4. Display your receipt on dashboard

Vendors and Contractors

Construction Contractors

The job superintendent will give authorization to park inside the staging area. Parking inside fenced staging or construction areas will be limited. The staging areas are not intended to be parking areas and are generally limited to 1-4 spaces for the job superintendent and other essential personnel.

A dashboard permit will be provided at no cost by Parking Services and must be displayed at all times when parking in the staged area. Vehicles parked outside the prearranged staging areas may be subject to ticketing, immobilization (booting), and towing.

Construction contractors must purchase perimeter permits for their workers to park in lot P/AZ 10W (Bobcat Stadium West), and be transported to the job site if they choose to park on campus. Permits must be displayed in all vehicles to park legally on campus.

Non-Construction Contractors

Vendors and contractors (other than construction contractors) who have contracts with the university may purchase red restricted permits if they wish to have red restricted parking privileges. They may also purchase perimeter parking permits but can only park in the perimeter lots.

Non-Contractual Vendors

Vendors or Service providers with no contractual relationship with the university must park in the pay garages or may purchase a perimeter permit and park in any perimeter lot. On a case-by-case basis, the Associate Director of Parking Services, upon request, may approve the purchase of a red restricted permit.

Short Term Business

Vendors with marked vehicles who provide short-term business on campus such as the delivery of food, flowers, newspapers, etc… may park in university surface lots or in loading zones for not longer than 15 minutes with emergency flashers. No permit is needed.