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Construction Contractor Annual Permit Request

Parking Permit Request Form

Permit Costs

Permit Prices are pro-rated at the end of each long semester. Listed permit prices reflect price before sales tax is applied.

Permit Type Cost Spring Prorated Cost Summer Prorated Cost
Yearly Red Zone Permit $335 $223 $112
P10 West / Round Rock $115 $77 $50


Permit Purchase Process

  1. Complete this form and Submit.
  2. You will receive a confirmation email that the permit request has been successfully submitted.
  3. Your permit request will be reviewed for approval or denial. The review process will typically take 3 business days, this will be longer at peak times.
  4. After approval, your application will be processed. This typically takes 1 business day, it may be longer during peak times.
  5. You will receive an email from Parking Services with a link for payment.
  6. Once paid online, it is the company’s responsibility to notify Parking Services that payment has been made.
  7. Once payment is made, any physical permits that may be issued can be picked up at the Parking Services office.


Permit approval takes 3 – 5 business days. Permit processing times takes 1 – 3 business days. At peak times, such as preparing for the start of a new academic year, permit approval and processing may take longer.

New permit requests will not be processed until all previously requested permits are paid for.

All names, Project names, Company names, and Title Holder names must be exact. Do not use nicknames.

To utilize loading zones and/or service and delivery parking spaces, a Service Delivery Permit must be displayed in addition to a parking permit. To request a Service Delivery Permit, complete the Service Delivery Permit Request form and return it to

Project Information

The project name must be the name used in the contract.

Contracted though: *
Payment Type *

Company & Contact Information

Subcontractors are limited to a maximum of 2 red permits per project.

Are you a sub-contractor? *

Corporate Address

Permit Quantity and Duration

Please choose up to a total of 10 permits. To request more, please fill out this permit request form again. For very large permit requests, please contact the office at


Permit Type *
Fuel Type *

To request more than 10 permits, please fill out this permit request form again. For very large permit requests, please contact the office at